My Story

My interest in women’s health began right before my first pregnancy. During my late teens and early 20’s, I was able to witness and support a few of my friends during their pregnancy and birth. I witnessed different birth scenarios including home birth, hospital birth and cesarean birth. Each experience was so special and presented different challenges for my friends.

When it was time to have my own babies, I chose to stay home and had two amazing and empowering homebirths with a midwife. It was afterwards as I was sharing my birth story with other new moms that I realized my experience was not the norm!  Many mothers I spoke to seemed angry and sad. I heard many stories about long, painful labors, how they felt scared, that their partners didn’t know what to do, they didn’t feel like anything was explained to them. Some felt cheated or flat out lied to for the convenience of medical staff. It tugged at my heart and I just knew then and there that I had found my purpose. I decided I was going to be a Midwife. Every woman deserves to have some joy and dignity during the birth process.

To start my birth worker journey I began providing Doula services in 2006 and in 2007 I became an active member of a maternity center in Las Vegas, NV called Well Rounded Momma. Six years later I became one (of five) of the owner/directors of the Well Rounded Momma maternity center and remained an owner until 2021. After the Vegas economy was hit hard due to the pandemic, my family ultimately decided to move to Iowa, where I was born and have lots of family.

In February 2012, Heart of Herbs Herbal School certified me as an Herbalist after two years of independent study and I demonstrated skill with over 60 herbs. Herbalism is very near and dear to my heart and I utilize those skills to help promote good health for my family and clients.

I am a traditionally trained midwife through the apprenticeship model set forth by the North American Registry of Midwives. I began apprenticing with two amazing Midwives in 2016 for 2.5 years. After practicing as a primary midwife for another two years, I sat for my midwifery exam and after passing, received the certification title of Certified Professional Midwife.

When I'm not working, you can find me at home with my two kids, researching and playing with old-fashioned remedies and recipes. (My kids are the official taste tasters of all of my tea formulas) I'm an avid meditation practitioner, coffee drinker and also have a slight gemstone addiction ;-)