Woman laboring in water, waterbirth homebirth midwife Las Vegas, NV

Give birth in the comfort of your own home.

Prenatal Care & Homebirth Services​

Having a homebirth with a trained Midwife is a great option for women who want a natural birth and are experiencing a healthy pregnancy.

I offer 45 min prenatal visits, homebirth options such as waterbirth, herbal counseling and wellness/growth assessments for your newborn.


Prenatal care that honors your mind, body & spirit.

Homebirth Midwives provide quality prenatal care and take fewer clients. This means you can expect more personalized care. This client-centered model of care has been proven to reduce the incidence of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section.  

Midwifery care might be for you if...

You're tired of feeling like you're just a number.

You feel like you are waiting an hour to see a care provider that doesn't spend much time with you.

You like to treat things naturally and you feel like your care provider isn't educated in alternative medicine.


You want a natural birth and feel like the doctor will push you to be induced, or won't respect your birth plan.


You feel like you want your family involved in your care, but current circumstances are making them feel displaced.


Imagine if...

You show up to your appointment and within minutes your Midwife greets you with a smile​ and calls you by name.

You get to spend as much time as you need to discuss how you are feeling physically and emotionally and how to prepare for giving birth.

Your family goes with you to your appointment and your baby's big brother or sister helps the Midwife listen to your baby.

You want to take an herb, supplement or use an essential oil and your Midwife knows exactly how safe it is to use during pregnancy.

You go on to have a beautiful waterbirth and even though it was really hard work, there is nothing better than being able to rest and recover in your own bed, eating your favorite food.

Woman laboring in water, waterbirth homebirth midwife in Las Vegas, NV
Homebirth Midwife Las Vegas, NV

Empowering birth options.

Clients can give birth naturally in the comfort of their own home, using various comfort measures such as waterbirth. I monitor vitals regularly during labor and I’m trained with birth emergency skills for out of hospital settings.

Clients can also give birth with an on-call physician at the hospital if risks arise or if they decide they want an epidural. During that time Clients still have access to me if they have any questions or need support at any time. Postpartum and newborn services continue when Clients are discharged from the hospital.



It's been one week since the most indescribable event has happened. I was gifted from God the ability to bring my son into this world at home, safely with my husband and family right next to me. I had the most amazing support through my husband who guided me the entire time. I love you, babe. What an amazing experience!


Thank you to my beautiful midwife for the best prenatal care. I literally would have not been able to do it without her reassurance and positivity these past 9 months!

To those who've said I would not be able to do this, this is for you. For those women who have been told you cannot birth your child naturally this is for you. For those who have had trauma to your body, you are still capable. Just as our bodies know how to grow babies, it also knows how to birth babies.


Woman laboring in water, waterbirth homebirth midwife Las Vegas, NV
Homebirth Midwife Las Vegas, NV

Midwifery Care Pricing

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$3800 Global Fee

Payment Plan Available

$600 Deposit Required

Discount Available If Paid In Full Upfront

Includes everything except labs, ultrasound and birth kit costs.

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Verification Of Benefits Done First

Client Responsible For Deductible & Coinsurance​

Payment Plan Available With $600 Deposit

Labs & ultrasound should be covered by insurance.

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$2300 Global Fee

Payment Plan Available With $600 Deposit

Discount Available If Paid In Full Upfront

Includes everything except labs & ultrasound costs.

Not Applicable For Homebirth To Hospital Transfers



My global fee for midwifery services and home delivery is $3800. I accept insurance (non-medicaid), hardship discounts and payment plans. Midwifery service fees can be paid in payments after a $600 deposit, with the remaining due by 36 weeks pregnant. If paid all up front, I do offer a discount for self-pay clients.

Ready to get started?

Homebirth Midwife Sarah Sorvillo Las Vegas Nevada

Hello, I'm Sarah Sorvillo

Homebirth Midwife, Certified Herbalist and Childbirth Educator.

I've been working as a birth professional in Las Vegas, Nevada for 15 years! I started out as a Labor Doula right after my own homebirth and after serving hundreds of families, my love for women's health continued to grow.

In addition to being a Midwife, I absolutely love studying herbal medicine. It's a great addition for clients who like treating things as naturally as possible.

I currently work as an Independent Contractor at Well Rounded Momma, a local maternity center here in Las Vegas.


What's included in midwifery care services?

  • Educational Booklet

  • 45 min. Prenatal Appointments (every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery.) All appts include taking vitals, measuring for growth, checking baby's position and fetal heart rate monitoring with a doppler or fetoscope.

  • Referrals for lab tests, screenings and ultrasounds normally recommended for pregnancy.

  • Home Delivery (includes a Midwife + 1 Assistant)

    • In the event we need to transfer to the hospital, I will arrange transport with the chosen hospital and come with you to check you in. After delivery, the following postnatal services are still in effect as my client.

  • 24-48 hour Home Postpartum Visit

  • Postpartum Visits & Newborn Growth Assessments

    • at 1 week, 2 week, 4 week and 6 week

  • Filing Birth Certificate & Social Security Card

  • Critical Congenital Heart Disease (CCHD) Screening

  • Newborn Hearing Screening

  • Newborn Metabolic Screening *Nevada State


Not Included: Birth Kit [$50], Labs and Ultrasound costs not covered by insurance and other contractors such as birth tub rental, labor doula and childbirth classes. 

Homebirth Story Las Vegas, Nevada

My name is Ashley, we are clients here at Well Rounded Momma and my midwife was Sarah. Sarah was amazing. I came in when I was 24 weeks along. I had previously had an OB but then switched over to a midwife. Sarah made us feel so comfortable. She went through every step of the process over and over again because I always had a million questions. She never had a problem answering all my questions. She always made us feel so comfortable about what was going on. Even when I didn't think I could do it she pushed me through it and was super positive every step of the way. The night that Parker was born, my labor went from zero to 100 really fast... but we weren't stressed out, we weren't scared. She had us completely prepared, we knew everything to do, we had all the supplies that we needed and she got there just in time and it was amazing. It was everything I wanted. I wanted to delay cord clamp and I got it. I wanted her straight on my chest and I got it. I didn't want the ointment they put on her eyes, certain shots or medicine... Sarah was very supportive every step of the way and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

More Testimonials


5 stars plus a MILLION more to our midwife Sarah Sorvillo! She is an amazing midwife who went ABOVE and BEYOND our expectations. Every prenatal visit she spent as much time as we needed going over questions and checking to make sure everything was going well with our baby girl. Sarah took the time to explain to us all the financial parts, any  testing that was available to us  for the baby  and she even paid us a house visit at 35 weeks to check on me and make sure I wasn't going into labor early! Her knowledge of herbs and supplements to help support the body during pregnancy is incredible! We planned to have a home delivery with our 4th child but our little girl  had other plans and did not want to come out! Sarah helped us transfer to a hospital and was by our side during the delivery. She still did our follow ups after the baby was born and she will continue to handle our baby's milestone checkups until she is 2 years old!
She is such a loving person who truly takes care of her clients.


Sarah was my midwife and I could not have had the birth I wanted without her love and support. Living away from all family and most friends, I wasn't sure if I would have the support I would need to do a home birth but found WRM and met Sarah at an open house.


I instantly connected with her and felt at home with her around. During labor, she kept me motivated and made me feel safe and loved so that I could birth my baby boy, unmedicated and at home.


Not only was she amazing to work with, but will forever be a part of my life.


Book An Appointment

Office Appointments available on Mondays & Fridays 10am - 6pm at Well Rounded Momma. Home visits scheduled as needed, please inquire for details.

To book an appointment or consultation, please fill out the contact form below and I will contact you within 1-2 days. Or, if you just want to chat over the phone, you can call me at: 


My office is located inside:


6290 S Pecos Rd #400

Las Vegas, NV 89120

Office Phone: 702-478-5080

Email: holisticmidwifenv@gmail.com

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Frequently asked questions

Billing Questions

Do you take my insurance?

To verify whether or not your insurance will cover a portion of your midwifery fees, we need to do an insurance verification. This is easily done with a copy of your driver's license, insurance card and the primary cardholder's information. Most clients like to do this at their consultation. Well Rounded Momma (where I am an independent contractor) is In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. For all other insurance companies, Midwives are considered an Out-Of-Network Provider. Which means HMO's will not likely cover any midwifery services [including Medicaid, HPN & Tricare]. But, if you have a PPO or POS plan, they might cover a portion of your care. Your vertification of benefits should give you a good idea of what will be covered. Any portion that you are responsible for like deductibles, copays, or coinsurance are required in full by your 36 week visit. ​After your insurance has been billed, the client is responsible for any unpaid portion of the $3800 midwifery fee. For home deliveries, we bill a global fee for services after delivery.

Do I get a refund if I end up not giving birth at home?

No. Hiring a Midwife is not a guarantee that you will give birth at home, however, even if you do not end up giving birth at home, prenatal, postnatal and newborn care is still included. There is a lot of effort and time that is put into midwifery care that includes 24hr access, appointments that can be as long as an hour, sometimes lengthy home visits are involved if someone is in labor and most Midwives will only take a limited amount of clients per month. If a client discontinues care late in pregnancy or during labor, it is unlikely that I will recoup that cost. It is for these reasons that I do not give refunds past 28 weeks. Please see Refund Policy for details.

What happens if I am unable to pay my balance?

Communication is always key to figuring out a scenario that works best for my clients and still honors my time and service. If by 36 weeks gestation a client still has a large balance, I cannot provide homebirth services. I have found it is not uncommon for the nicest of people to disappear without paying their balance, even after having a lovely homebirth. It is for that reason that I do not allow payment plans beyond the delivery. Usually, I sit down with my clients to discuss options such as continuing prenatal care and opting to go in to the hospital when labor begins, or we can determine whether an immediate transfer of care is better.

What is your refund policy?

If a client risks out of care or decides to discontinue care after 28 weeks gestation, there are no refunds. If care is discontinued prior to 27.6 weeks gestation, the following fees are retained from the balance paid: $600 non-refundable deposit, $100 initial prenatal visit fee, on call fee of $1000 and $200 per prenatal visit.

There is a lot of effort and time that is put into midwifery care that includes 24hr access, appointments that can be as long as an hour, sometimes home visits are involved and most Midwives will only take a limited amount of clients per month. If a client discontinues care late in pregnancy, it is unlikely that I will recoup that cost. It is for these reasons that I do not give refunds past 28 weeks.


What happens if I need to go to the hospital?

It will largely depend on how urget the situation is, however, most true emergencies happen less than one percent (1%) of the time. If it is a true emergency, an ambulance will be called and then I will fax all of your medical records to the hospital you are transferred to. The majority of homebirth transfers are not emergencies and are usually for things like pain relief and exhaution. If a client decides to go in, I will call the hospital to give report and then fax your medical records to the hospital. If hospital policy allows, I may accompany you to the hospital to check you in, this is done as a courtesy. Please understand it is not common for care providers who have transferred care, to be present while another care provider takes over. However, once you have delivered your baby, postpartum care resumes as normal. After your baby is born, I will see you again for a home visit within 24-48 hours of being discharged from the hospital. Unless you would like vaccinations, I am able to do all newborn screenings and growth assessments.

Do you carry oxygen?

I do not carry oxygen for many reasons. Since my practice is located in Nevada, carrying oxygen tanks in the trunk of our vehicles is quite problematic with normal temperatures exceeding 100F in the summer. If we are at a point where I believe a baby is showing signs of distress and I foresee that a pregnant patient will need oxygen, we will be arranging for prompt transport to a hospital.

How do you handle a hemorrhage?

I practice what is called ‘expectant management’. This means I consider risk factors and I am constantly evaluating the situation before intervening with invasive emergency techniques and medications. Most postpartum bleeds are easily handled first with uterine massage, initiating breastfeeding, emptying the bladder and eating protein. However, I am also trained with birth emergency skills to evaluate and react appropriately with emergency protocols intended to stabilize a mother completely, or until an emergency medical team arrives.

What happens if a cord is arround my baby's neck?

In most cases, if a baby tolerates labor well and is able to move down the birth canal, a cord poses absolutely no problem. Once the baby’s head is delivered, I can simply slip the cord over the baby’s head or ‘summersault’ the baby’s body to unravel multiple wraps. If a cord is going to be problematic it is usually detected during routine fetal monitoring and a transfer of care may done if distress is suspected.

Do you do episiotomies?

Episiotomy is a surgical cut done on the perineum to make the vaginal opening larger and hasten delivery. This should only be done as a life saving measure or when extensive damage is suspected to happen otherwise. It is very uncommon for a Midwife to perform an episiotomy at home. However, if an emergency arrises, I am able to do what is necessary.

About Care

Who is your backup if for some reason you aren't available?

Midwives are occasionally off call due to scheduled vacation time, family events, sickness, etc. During those times my clients are always able to be cared for by a Midwife in the same practice as mine (Well Rounded Momma). All of our Midwives take an average of 4 clients a month, sometimes more or less. If two clients of the same Midwife go into labor at the same time, another Midwife in the practice will back for her.

What would you transfer care for?

During prenatal care I am evaluating my clients for health and wellness. If at any time we are unable to control something by diet, supplements or lifestyle changes (such as uncontrolled gestational diabetes, or hypertension) we will consider transferring care for medical evaluation and management. If a client is in labor, I regularly monitor and evaluate for risk factors. Transfers of care during labor accounts for less than 10% of my deliveries. Out of that 10%, the majority of the time we are transferring for pain management and fatigue.

Some common reasons for transfer of care during labor are, hypertension (high blood pressure), fetal distress, fever, lack of progress due to fetal position, maternal fatigue and prolonged rupture of membranes with little or no progress.

What would be considered high-risk?

A client would be considered ‘high risk’ if they had any health problems that required extensive monitoring and/or medications. Some common examples might be: diabetes, active asthma, chronic hypertension, eclampsia, growth restriction (IUGR), large fibroids, or surgeries done on the uterus (see vbac).

What is the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

A Labor Doula helps with birth planning, coaching, comfort measures and emotional support. While I was a Doula for many years, a Midwife is your Care Provider. Your emotional wellbeing is of great importance to me, however, your health and the health of your baby is my primary concern.

What if I've had a cesarean before? (VBAC)

I believe that families should have the option to try for a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC). During your consultation I like to discuss the reasons why you had a cesarean the first time, to help determine the chances of it happening again. In a homebirth setting there are fewer hurdles for comfort and time limits that may have contributed to your prior cesarean. VBAC is considered a good option for most people. Some contraindications make a VBAC much less safe or more unsafe. These contraindications include having a prior classical or inverted T uterine scar, a previous myomectomy (fibroids) entering the uterine cavity, a prior uterine rupture, placenta previa, or a baby in transverse lie position. The risk of uterine rupture for people who are having a trial of labor after cesarean is about 0.47%. Things that increase that risk are medical or herbal inductions. It is for that reason that I do not recommend any sort of uterine stimulating practices for inducing labor in my VBAC clients.

Do you deliver twins or breech at home?

In my practice, we only handle surprise breech deliveries with informed consent. If a baby is suspected to be breech during routine prenatal care, we will confirm with an ultrasound and then encourage clients to try turning their babies with body balancing techniques. If that does not work, we may discuss options for an external version. At this time, I do not deliver twins at home.

If twins are discovered during routine prenatal care, we can discuss options for collaborative care or transfer to a perinatoligist. If desired I can continue to provide prenatal visits, labor phone support, postnatal visits and weight checks for the babies, but I do not provide home delivery of twins.

Can you induce at home?

I will usually work with clients on an individual basis when it comes to natural induction methods, such as herbal supplements, stimulation or sweeping membranes. As your Midwife I will consider whether or not you have risk factors that would make any natural induction methods unsafe.

I do not under any circumstances induce labor with medications at home. In some cases, such as a pregnant person going past their due date, some natural induction methods may be used.

What if I go past my due date? Do you transfer care at a certain point?

It is fairly common for pregnancies to go past your estimated due date. Most babies arrive between 37 & 42 weeks. A due date is simply an estimate, only 4-5% of babies are actually born on this date. 70% will give birth within 10 days of their due date. Your first trimester ultrasound is the most accurate estimate by +/- 3-5 days. A pregnancy that lasts longer than 42 weeks is called “postterm.”

Up to date evidence and statements made by the American College of Obstetrics & Gynecology suggest that most risks associated with going past your due date are found in postterm pregnancies. However, many care providers (and family/friends) still believe that you should have your baby on or before your due date and may recommend induction (artificially starting labor). There are certainly health concerns that necessitate medically inducing labor, but being induced solely because you have arrived at your due date, isn't a practice based on evidence.

If I have a client go past their estimated due date and I have any concerns, I prefer to do an NST in the office and/or send clients to a sonographer for a Biophysical Profile (BPP). A nonstress test (NST) measures your baby's heart rate and response to movement, to ensure your baby's doing well and getting enough oxygen. The BPP is a combination of tests, mostly by ultrasound, that check your baby's health. It measures your baby's body movement and muscle tone. It also measures how fast your baby's heart rate accelerates during movement, and the amount of amniotic fluid protecting your baby in the womb. As long as your results are good, Midwives are usually comfortable waiting longer for labor to come naturally.

If a client becomes 'postterm' (42 weeks), I like to have sit down and discuss options, risks/benefits for natural induction or transfer to the hospital.

When do you come during labor? How long do you stay?

Typically, Midwives will come to a birth when contractions are regular, around 4 minutes apart, at least 60 seconds long and strong in sensation. However, there are some cases when a Midwife might come to assess if troubleshooting is needed. Such as an irregular or long labor, rupture of membranes, or emotional distress. After a baby is born, Midwives are assessing the health and wellbeing of the birth parent and newborn. If a birth was relatively straight forward and no other risk factors are involved a Midwife might depart after 2 hours and a newborn exam has been performed. If risk factors are involved, or a labor was not straight forward, the Midwife might stay additional hours to monitor. The goal is always that mom and baby are stable, fed, bonding and ready for nap when the Midwife departs.

What is the legal status of homebirth midwives in Nevada?

Direct-Entry Midwifery is an unregulated practice in the state of Nevada. Unless you are an Advanced Practice Nurse (APRN), you cannot obtain a state midwifery license. Most homebirth Midwives hold Drugless Practitioner licenses. Which is why I (and all the Midwives I practice with) have opted to follow the education and training requirements for the nationally recognized Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) credential.