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Herbal Counseling

The purpose of the WHO Training Course on Child Growth Assessment is to teach the skills and knowledge specifically needed to measure the weight and height/length of children; assess their growth in relation to the WHO Child Growth Standards; and counsel mothers and other caregivers about growth and feeding.

"Basic growth assessment involves measuring a child's weight and length or height and comparing these measurements to growth standards. The purpose is to determine whether a child is growing “normally” or has a growth problem or trend towards a growth problem that should be addressed." - World Health Organisation 

Appointments Include

30 minutes with yours truly, viaTelehealth.

A questionnaire that goes over your medical history and current state of health.


Discuss physical as well as mental health and lifestyle.


A personalized list of herbal recommendations, plus easy instructions on how to find and use the herbs and supplements. 


If interested, instructions on how to make your own herbal medicine.

Always, Non-judgmental, compassionate care.

Schedule An Appointment

Herbal counseling sessions are $40 for an in office appointment. Pricing does not include the suggested herbs.​

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A little about me...

In February 2012, Heart of Herbs Herbal School certified me as an Herbalist after two years of independent study and demonstrated skill with over 60 herbs. The main focus of my herbal studies was traditional, homemade, Western Herbalism, with a focus on women's health. Over the years my knowledge and practical use of herbs has grown substantially, including herbs from around the world.


Herbalism is very near and dear to my heart. I started studying herbal medicine over 7 years ago when my family was greatly affected by the recession and lost our health insurance. To this day herbal medicine is still the main source of health care for my family of four.